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Create, play, and explore on our enjoyable servers.

Custom Content

Our servers are filled with custom content. From HUD's to entire concept reworks, we're always looking to create more.


We have a great community. If you don't see something on the server that you think you should, suggest it on our forums! We try to take as much community input as we can.

Great Staff

We make sure our staff knows what to do in each scenario. We carefully pick members for our staff team, and we try to make sure that everyone is right for the job.


This is on purpose. You can't noclip through the world, nor can you noclip through other player's props. This is to prevent people from noclipping into other players' bases and killing them.

A link to our steam content pack is located right above this very FAQ. After subscribing to all of the addons, restart your Garry's Mod. If you still have errors, it is very likely you do not have some games mounted in your Garry's Mod. (CS:S, TF2...) 

Report it to an administrator immediately. Script errors are uncommon, and are most likely the cause of Pointshop 2 or WAC, which are out of our control. Report it on our Discord for the quickest fix.


Our management team is hard at work making sure our server is as good as it can be.